About Us

Kano Legal Office is a solicitor’s firm (Shiho-shoshi, Judicial scrivener) based in Osaka, Japan. The main office is located in Namba, one of the commercial centers of the city. The firm was established in 1985 by Shinji Kano and there are currently 20 members of staff including five qualified solicitors.

Our main services

  • Incorporation and Company Registration
  • Registration of Land and Buildings
  • Registration of Asset-Protection Trust
  • Judicial Proceedings

Our Land and House Investigators have the legal qualification to conduct the measurement of land and buildings, and can register properties at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

Our Administrative Legal Specialists (Gyosei-shoshi Lawyers) deal with a wide variety of legal applications. Immigration issues such as visa applications and naturalization procedures are one of their main fields of activity. Administrative Legal Specialists are also allowed to offer support when obtaining official permissions such as a liquor sales license.

We are recognized for our expertise in corporate law, and have developed strong connections with large financial institutions and reputable property-agents in the region. Kano Legal Office offers comprehensive legal support for property acquisition, including an acquisition under the asset-protection trust scheme.

Our priority has always been to serve the current and future needs of our clients. We are continuously adding value to our traditional services in order to serve our customers in these ever-changing times.


Kano Legal Office works along with Travesia, Inc., a consulting arm of our group, that offers support in corporate management and property acquisition. Its range of services is intended to help clients in their overseas expansion to or from Japan. For this purpose, the company is also capable in the field of import-export. For non-Japanese companies and individuals, it serves as a gateway to invest into the Kansai region of which Osaka is the largest city. www.travesia.jp