Property Registration

With the recent upturn in the Japanese economy, Japan’s real estate market is now enjoying robust growth in the residential housing, commercial real estate ownership and investment, and officing sectors. Kano Legal Office can provide the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you through the complexities of real estate transactions.

Property Registrations

In Japan, the registration of property interests is required in order to perfect and protect the owner’s title in the property, including for transfers of title, changes in an owner’s address, and the creation or release of a mortgage. Due to the utmost accuracy required in the property title and measurements , property registrations are routinely conducted by experienced solicitors. Failure to register or provide sufficiently accurate information can leave the door open to claims by third parties.

Kano Legal Office’s seasoned solicitors can draft all necessary documents for the property registration to protect your title based on investigations and measurements done by our in-house specialists. We can also provide documents to get secured loans. At your request, we can prepare english summaries or translations of registration documents and provide interpreting during any meeting you have with outside vendors.

Buying/Selling Property in Japan

Although there are no legal restrictions on the ownership of realty by foreigners in Japan, the acquisition can be daunting for outsiders due to unfamiliarity with the procedures, laws, transaction costs and taxes and the language and local customs. Therefore, rather than using a local real estate agent, it is advisable to use a qualified solicitor who is familiar with these matters and can guide you through the process in a language you understand.

At Kano Legal Office, we focus on comprehensive communication between a seller and a buyer to ensure that all major issues are discussed and resolved. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth, stress-free purchase and closing for you. In addition to preparing contracts and registrations, we will have bilingual staff attending to you from the early stage of the transaction to ensure your understanding and comfort throughout.

If you are looking for a property to buy or for a buyer of your property, our affiliate company, Travesia, Inc. (a consulting arm of the group), can make appropriate introductions for you based on our extensive network.

Property Investment

We believe that property investment is fundamentally a local business involving a variety of service providers. Following acquisition of the property, there is a continuing need for savvy legal expertise to remain compliant with applicable legal requirements. The perceived difficulty in obtaining that adequate advice can be an obstacle for foreign investors to venture into the Japanese real estate market. Based on its wealth of experience and extensive local network, Kano Legal Office offers local information that is tailored to your investment purposes and offers ongoing support in managing your property investment. We are more than happy to arrange for qualified local service providers so you are well prepared for any changes in the future.

Officing Needs and Solutions

The Osakan market is experiencing buoyant demand for all types of officing. The officing options include leasing a conventional office, a serviced office, a virtual office, or a combination of these. It is important to find the right officing to suit your business needs.

Kano Legal Office can help you locate appropriate offices, negotiate an advantageous lease (including non-refundable “key money”), and help resolve any landlord issues. As part of our commitment to being your strategic partner on the ground, we can ensure that your office is ready for business operations on day one. We can also offer assistance in hiring administrative staff to suit your business needs.

Registration of Asset-Protection Trust

The firm offers comprehensive legal support to property acquisition, including an acquisition under the asset-protection trust scheme.

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