Business Expansion to Japan

Approximately 99.7% of Japan’s 4 million companies are SMEs who need to find new markets outside of Japan in order to survive the stiff, global competition. Many exciting collaboration and strategic partnering opportunities await foreigners that ready invest into it.

Current market conditions have created strong demand and unique opportunities for Japanese and foreign SME to maximize their synergies for mutually beneficial global expansion. Travesia, Inc., the consulting arm of Kano Legal Office, is uniquely positioned to be your gateway to economic opportunities Osaka and throughout the Kansai region.

Network Expansion in Japanese Market

Travesia, Inc. specializes in both incoming and outgoing foreign investment to and from Japan and they offer one-stop business support to start and expand your business in Japan.

Travesia, Inc. has significant experience in conducting the necessary market research for new industries and new products and maintains an ever-expanding network of service providers and Japanese and foreign SMEs eagerly looking for partnership opportunities to develop mutually beneficial cross-border market expansion strategies. For further information, please see

Travesia, Inc. could be your ears and eyes on the ground, dedicated to locating and introducing you to the best service providers to operate your business smoothly and the most promising partnering candidates for your future business and network expansion.

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