Visa Applications

Obtaining an appropriate work or investor visa is a prerequisite for any work or investment-related activity in Japan. Kano Legal Office employs experienced Administrative Legal Specialists (Gyosei-shoshi Lawyers) to prepare and submit your visa application and supporting documents.

The legal requirements and documents for each visa can vary widely. In all cases, Japanese immigration officials have broad discretion to grant or deny a visa. While residing in Japan or through a consulate abroad, properly prepared documents ensure that immigration officials will exercise their discretion in your favor.

Visas Applications

Since the scope of your permitted activities in Japan is strictly controlled by your visa status and since visa requirements are very complex, the essential first step is to get the proper visa for your business or investment activities in Japan.

Kano Legal Office’s Administrative Legal Specialists (Gyosei-shoshi Lawyers) can determine the appropriate visa for you and prepare the visa application and supporting documentation. We can also expedite your visa application by obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility. Finally, we are happy to help you obtain visas for your accompanying spouse and children.

Staffing Visa Needs

As your business expands and diversifies in Japan, your labor needs will change. Along with this change may come a need for immigration specialists with experience in advising foreign clients in English and obtaining visas, such as intracompany transferee visas for employees transferring from home country operations and skilled labor visas. Our immigration specialists can help you keep on top of your changing labor-related visa needs and ensure that you have sufficient personnel to meet the needs of your expanding business.

Ongoing Immigration Support

Once arrived in Japan, Visas tend to stay an issue. Kano Legal Office can take the stress and uncertainty out of reoccurring immigration procedures by providing you with ongoing support for immigration matters such as change of visa status, visa extensions, alien registrations, re-entry permits, and change of residence status.

Whether you are applying for visas while in Japan or through Japanese consulates overseas, Kano Legal Office has the highest degree of experience and expertise to facilitate a smooth process and get your visas granted as quickly as possible.

Our experienced immigration specialists can explain complex procedures in an understandable fashion and reduce your stress by preparing visa applications for you. In a word, let us take care of your immigration needs so you can focus on your purpose for being in Japan - starting or expanding your business!

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