Incorporation in Japan

Kano Legal Office offers all advice and services necessary for incorporating and setting-up your business in Japan, whether you are an entrepreneur or a multinational corporation. We also provide everything necessary for setting up and registering subsidiaries or branch offices.

The current economic situation in Japan provides an interesting opportunity to start or expand your business in Japan. Due to the shrinking domestic market and its weakening national currency, Japan is committed to opening up its economy. Kano Legal Office provides expertise ranging from the best type of company structure for starting any kind of new business up through basic schemes for mergers and acquisitions to expand your business into Japan.

Incorporation in Japan

The first step of setting up a business in Japan is choosing the most suitable type of company. Of the four major types of company structures, the “Kabushiki Kaisha” (joint stock company) is by far the most common and flexible choice. Regardless of what company structure you choose, it is required to register the company with the Japanese Legal Affairs Bureau and file Japanese-language documents detailing the company’s business purpose, capital structure, and other things.

Kano Legal Office can help you choose the right company structure for your business needs. We can lessen your burden by taking care of all document preparation, filings and registrations so you can focus on starting and expanding your own business.

Use of Japan-Resident Representative Directors

The selection of the Representative Director can have a crucial impact on business operations. Although the requirement of a representative director resident in Japan was abolished in March 2015, practical considerations make having a representative director resident in Japan advisable. For example, even opening a bank account must invariably be done by someone with a Japanese residence card that you can trust.

Kano Legal Office recommends the involvement of someone with a resident status from the early planning stages. Such involvement can also help to facilitate the incorporation process.

Post-Incorporation Business Support

Kano Legal Office’s commitment to its clients extends beyond providing legal advice and services for incorporation. We understand that doing business in a foreign company involves new challenges - different laws, a different language, and a different business culture.

Kano Legal Office can be your gateway to the Osakan business community and your local partner in the successful operation and expansion of your business.

Reasons to incorporate in Japan

Japan has the third largest economy in the world. Setting up a company in Japan will give you a platform to enter into a vibrant and growing economy. Japan has long been recognized as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and now is also recognized as a nation with valuable “soft power”. In addition, Japan has accumulated significant and valuable tangible and intangible assets over the decades.

With our lengthy history of representing foreign companies and entrepreneurs in Japan, our multi-lingual staff is uniquely positioned to assist you in establishing or expanding your market presence in Japan. Let us take care of the formalities, so you can focus on business!

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